Wooden Bathroom Stall Door In Home Decoration


Bathroom Stall Door Discussion. Bathroom is probably one of the most places you ever visited during your 24 hours daytime. Seeing how frequent that is to your mundane activities, we realize that how important that is bathroom to you. In addition to this, the bathroom stall is indeed important as well. Because the bathroom stall gives you the privilege of getting privacy when the bathroom you use has to be shared. For your information, the bathroom stall does not have to have the ceiling coverage, nor the floor coverage. This means the stall does not have cover the floor and ceiling, Making a bathroom stall is not as hard as you imagine as long as you get what you need.

Brown Wooden Bathroom Stall Door

First things first, the things you need to prepare are measuring tape, saw, plywood, wood screw, hinges, door latch, and boards. After preparing all the things, you can begin to make a wooden bathroom stall door. First, calculate the space you where you want to make the stall. The floor should be marked with the outline of the stall. Then the panels should be cut and match it with the size of the stall. The door width should be reduced in order to make hinges. After that you can begin painting the surface of the wooden door. Let it dry for two days.

Contemporary Wooden Bathroom Stall Door

Continue to locate the stud using stud finder. Two length aluminum that has been extruded should be installed to the walls. The brackets should be made a space. The pilaster shoes should be in position to be marked.

Bathroom Stall Door Wooden Ideas

The hinges and the door latch should be screwed right through your door panel. The latch should be marked and be installed inside. To give a great touch, you can repaint the door with your favorite color. After completing all of the above, your wooden bathroom stall door is ready to be used. Supposed you bored about your current bathroom decoration you can read about Oriental Bathroom Sets Decoration. Happy Reading.

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