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Vintage Bathroom Decor and Lighting. Bathroom design is very important to design before you want build a bathroom. Well decorated bathroom should can make you feel relax, warm and don’t get bored in bathroom. Vintage bathroom decoration is one of the best solution. It have classy and elegant style. In order to make your vintage bathroom lighting, you should take date back to set your lighting into the old style.

Vintage Bathroom Country Style Decor

The first step you can do is try varnished wood flooring. Wood flooring is the best choice of early bathroom style. Make sure choose the polished wood so it can be easy to clean up.
The seconds step buy wood cabinets. Painted wood is a good choice. it looks more contemporary appearance.

Vintage Bathroom Cozy Lighting Decor

the next steps is hang an beveled miror. The size of the mirror is full length or half length. Give Surrounding of the mirror some metal frame so it can give antique style.
If you have large bathroom space, you can put classic chair sets and table sets to complete your bathroom vintage decor. Choose linen lined seats for example like Louis XV chair style.
Color Schemes paint. Victorian bathroom usually use all white motif. Victorian were cleanliness and pure white.

Vintage Bathroom Sign in Minimalist Design

Put some small chandeliers accent to make the design look more vintage bathroom lighting. Why it should be chandelier? Because chandelier show the days before electricity comes in bathroom. But if you don’t like the chandelier you can choose the votive and boxy lanterns. Both of them are potential lighting choose in vintage bathroom lighting decoration.

Vintage Bathroom With Wooden Roof Decor

You get hard to buy the old wood cabinet? You can put up shelving on your vintage bathroom. Marble shelves and polished wood is a nice ideas to try.
Finally we hope you can create your vintage bathroom in your own style by learning from this article. Maybe you can read about Various Modern Bathroom Accessories in the article i have posted before. It will give you great knowledge of bathroom accessories.

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