Top Vinyl Bathroom Flooring Design Ideas


You might be familiar that vinyl bathroom flooring has been a well-known choice for a lot people especially the bathroom. This flooring is indeed very attractive and quite economically good price. It is because vinyl bathroom flooring has a great durability. Vinyl bathroom flooring is divided into two types which are the sheet and the vinyl tile.

Vinyl Bathroom Flooring In Wooden Themes

Sheet flooring gives the waterproof feature and in such a good hand to be installed. As for the vinyl tile, it is more likely favorable for the people because it has the resemblances like ceramics with much great cheap cost.

Vinyl Composition Tile Stone Flooring Bathroom

Vinyl flooring is very well-known for its durability and it is very good to be stood up in the heavy foot. It provides less noise. This actually matters for some of the people who are in possession of kids or pets in their houses. Aside from that, the vinyl flooring is rather much easier to be installed and maintained. Vinyl bathroom flooring also futures in such likely color choices that is advantageous for the need of bathroom decoration.

Vinyl Flooring Planks Modern Bathroom

The disadvantage of the vinyl itself is that the vinyl flooring is in no good position to be stood up with the addition of heavy stuffs. The other flaw is that vinyl bathroom flooring can be easily harmed by the sharp stuffs.

Best Vinyl Flooring Tile Decoration

This just shows how fragile the vinyl bathroom flooring is. In addition to these flaws, it is rather the color. The color vinyl bathroom flooring can be easily faded with the over exposed of the sunlight shining through. Therefore, vinyl bathroom is not likely to be recommended for the bathroom that is located in the outdoor or gets the direct contact from the sunlight.

Floating Vinyl Flooring Luxury Bathroom

In order to gain the perfect installation of vinyl bathroom flooring, the vinyl has to be applied directly to the floor. The tiles is going to be applied with surface that is smooth to reduce all the mistakes and bumps that might look appear if you do not pay attention. It is recommendable to have the plywood as your sub floor.

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