Top Girl Teen Bedroom Decoration


Amazing girl teen bedroom decoration ideas. Your lovely girl already grow up became cute girl teenager? there must be a changing in many aspect, one of them is in their bedrooms decoration, that’s why in this article we will discuss about girl teen bedrooms decoration.
A bedroom is a place which your girl spend many of personal time. It must be set comfortable. Ask your girl about hers favorite, so you can buy curtains, rugs and pillow in favorite colors.

Vintage On Girl Theme Bedroom

Red Love Girl Teen Bedroom

Paint your room into your girl favorite colors. Beside paint, you can put wallpaper in your girl bedroom. You could also buy poster or pictures of your girl idols. She will be very like about it.
Have some storage space. Give your teen room a closet and make sure it have a place to put hats, purses or shoes. Make it all in good order as possible.
Buy nice seating. Buy it on two pieces because when a friend of your teen came you don’t want to have them sit on the floor right? make sure it comfy and suitable with your teen girl bedroom design. Modern chair is one of a option.

Elegant Girl Teen Bedroom

Have Place to study. Get a chair and desk for your teen girl to study and doing her homework. Put it a desk lamp on the table. Pink table design maybe one of the option because many girl like pink colors.

White Girl Teen Bedroom

As a girl which grown up, your teen girl need more personal room. Don’t always get in her bedroom without her permission or she will feel like she still a children. Give her some responsibility to clean her own bedroom and if she likes to décor it more don’t
So this is the end of our discussion. We hope you get another some ideas after reading Fresh idea in decorating teen bedroom.


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