Tips How To Improve Home Lawn


Improve Home Lawn Ideas. Having a home lawn is something that quite pleasurable to you because you will get a green view and atmosphere in your own home yard. The green and fresh grass in your home yard will increase your spirit in the morning when you may do your exercise activity with your family. However, you have to do some special treatment to your home lawn in order to make it stay beautiful and fresh. Here are some steps that you may do to improve lawn in your home:

Plant In Home Lawn Ideas

Aerate and Reduce Thatch

Soil compaction that may happen in your lawn can disturb the growth of the grass and soil microbes. It cause by foot traffic and lawn machinery activity that happen in your lawn. Actually, the air passage is needed for your lawn to bring the air, water and nutrition to the root zone. To lose the compact soil in your lawn, you can use a hand held or machine powered aerator to help removing the small cores in the soil.

Hydroseeding Lawn Ideas

Besides, you can also use a part of aerator sandals and walk through your lawn in order to help creating a small passageway on it. This small passageway will be useful in bringing the water, air, and nutrition to under the soil so that the grass will grow better. The other problem in improve lawn is thatch that may be accumulated on the soil surface, this will also hamper the air, water and nutrition to come under the soil. To clean the thatch you can try raking vigorously with a steel-tine rake. This will help to remove the thatch in your lawn.

Water System In Lawn

Fertilize and Mow
The other way to improve lawn is by fertilizing and mowing the grass. In order to make your lawn health and stay fresh, you have to fertilize it regularly by applying slow-release organic fertilizer and palletized compost to stimulate the biological activity. The last is mowing your lawn regularly but do not mow it too short because it will disturb the healthy root system. Mow it high to help drought resistance and shade out weed seeds. That will be very nice view from your home terrace.


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