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Small Window Curtain Solution. Are you feeling so lost on how to pick the window treatments for your small windows? Does it seem to you that small window treatment is really hard to find? How do you cope with this? What possibly is the best solution for this? We acknowledge that certain houses have different size of window; some of the room has even on 1 X 1 window size. To beautify the room, you might think that even this small window needs some window treatments. Do not worry we get plenty of advices to overcome this.

Small Window Curtain Pink Theme

You can begin by cutting your large-sized curtain to the size of your small window. This works because you are the one who can predict the size of your small window matching with the curtain size. That is good if you already find the perfect curtain for your small window with the appropriate design you have in your large-sized curtain. If you do not have any curtain, then you can make one. You simply can purchase the linen material in the market and turn them into your favorite curtain.

Small Window Curtain Design With Pillow

This can be complicated because you have to do all the cutting and the designing. But it gives you freedom to experiment with your taste and preference. You can paint the linen material with certain design matching it with the color of your wall or your window to create an attractive curtain. Your creativity can be explored here and you should have fun with it.
Black White Minimalist Window Curtain
Having this small window curtain design can be a little beautiful accessory to your room. It gives an extra fresh of breathe to the emptiness of the room and definitely beautifies the look of the room. By doing all the advices, we have given to you, hopefully it will be helpful and you can start applying them to your room. Another tip is Blinds on Windows Home Decoration. Let us try it out.


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