Romantic And Sensual Bride Bedroom


Bride Bedroom is very unique bedroom design. When decorating for yourself, you just need to be honest with the wants, needs, and adopt it for the limited space available.

bedroom design new bride splash miami idea

Now, especially for newly married couples, have to negotiate with a partner to design a new bedroom for a new bride

bedroom design new bride ritz carlton design

Indeed, mixing the masculine and feminine elements is not as difficult as you think. Previously, you and your partner should be open to the idea of one another, the reason for the new bedroom for a new bride. So, make it a good opportunity to get to know each other better. To help you, here are some ideas decorating bride bedroom for their new life together living ark:

1. Start with neutral colors
Yellow, ivory, gray, brown, light green bedroom are the colors that are not gender-specific. Gray walls and curtains with matching color to draw your eye to the center of the room, which is a contemporary bed with a charming accent.
2. Playing style
You have to give this masculine style accents in creating a “nest” full of pillows. The hound’s-tooth pattern style known to man is also suitable to decorate your bed. Make this pattern as a pattern for one of your pillowcases.

bedroom design new bride pink colour

3. Play with glass
Besides you hanging around the bed, look nightstand is “covered” by the glass. Glass will make your room sparkle and reflect light. Sparkle will balance between feminine and masculine elements.
4. The combination of furniture styles
The combination of soft sheets, solid iron bed, and curved motifs and nightstand rigid are the perfect combination. The combination of curves and straight lines represent both genders. An accent also makes furniture look more attractive.

bedroom design new bride minimalist suits bridal

5. Exposure
Once again, the lamp or lighting plays an important role, especially for newlyweds. Provide also dimmer for the lights in your room. Lamps with bright colors and fit force will bring the mood for your partner and you.
6. Personal items
Besides displaying modern and goods art, do not forget to display your memories. Photographs and other memorabilia owned you both should have a place in your room.

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7. Fill with tenderness
Besides beautify your room, do not forget to provide comfort. Make sure your bedroom is full of soft goods. Make sure the couch, pillow, carpet, bed cover, and blanket feels comfortable to the touch.

bedroom design new bride classic ide

8. Do not be afraid to try
Your experimentation and central processing have to go out of mind both in life and in the process of designing your bedroom together. To that end, do not be afraid to find a style that fits. Replace your room style as often as you want, until you find the best for your new bedroom for a new bride like you.


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