Rectangle Bathroom Top Designs Ideas


Rectangle bathroom design is ultimate solution if you have a small space bathroom. Bathroom is a place to relaxed and refreshing your mind after daily heavy activities. But how can you get relaxed if your bathroom have small space with crowded furnitures inside there?
luxury rectangular bathroom design

minimalist rectangle bathroom decor

Don’t worried you have come to the right place to solved that with your own hand. Rectangle bathroom is the solution. Whats the point to decor rectangle bathroom? the point is the length is different.

jacuzzi in rectangle bathroom ideas

So you must be smart to put the shower, the toilet or the washtub. In my reccomendation the bathtub is located in the corner and then the washtub in along side the length.

europe rectangle bathroom interior

It can increase the space so there are empty space in the middle, make your bathroom bigger and nicely view. This is all about rectangle bathroom i hope you can get many ideas from the pictures in this article. Happy reading.

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