Outdoor Garden Wedding Decoration Ideas


Garden Wedding has to be one of the most sacred moments in people’s lives. Nowadays, people are looking for “different” wedding ideas. They have always thought that the wedding day should mark as the most memorable day in their lives because of how important that it is. Therefore, they want it to be well-remembered and unique. The idea of garden wedding has come to the surface. It is not only well-known in western culture but Asian culture has adapted this concept from quite a long time ago. It is a fresh of a breathe air and it is definitely different.

Simple Minimalist Outside Garden Wedding

Having a garden wedding can be an overwhelming idea. It mostly set us all the usual modern wedding that we are very used to seeing a lot of this day. There are a lot of benefits that you can gain from having a garden wedding idea. Low-cost can be one of them. In having a garden wedding, you do not have to worry about putting over the top decorations and high-budget wedding design. You do not have rent the building and worry about the wedding stage.

Flower Garden Wedding Decoration Pictures

It lowers all the merely unimportant funds that you spend. Garden wedding only needs little decoration and does not take up high budget for you. Aside from that, the garden wedding can be beautifully complemented with the natural decorations which are the beauty of the nature. You get to showcase and explore the true aesthetic view of the garden as the advantage of yours. Having the great lighting to show off the beautiful spot will suffice. People who will come to your wedding will be astonished on how beautiful your garden wedding is.

Garden Wedding Decoration on Budget

Aside from all of those benefits, garden wedding also has its flaws. Since the garden wedding is an open air and very close to nature, you have to be more than ready to deal with the unpredictable things. One thing to think through is the weather. We all know that weather can not be predicted. You hardly predict that when your wedding day comes, the rain is not going to come. You have to be able to set a date where it is not on a raining season. The next flaw can be the presence of animal disturbance. As we talk it over, garden is an outdoor venue and there might be a lot of insects coming in and will give the disturbance to the people who come to your wedding. That is worth considering.


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