Oriental Style For Home Interior Design Ideas


Oriental Style In Home Interior. When choosing a unique design for home interior, oriental style can be one of the options. The most common kinds of oriental-style home interior design that people often choose are Japanese and Chinese style. Both have different uniqueness and atmosphere but they have the same simplicity that will suit modern houses, especially houses with minimalist theme. This is different from other oriental styles, which have complex design, more accessories, and multiple furniture applications. It’s not suitable for a small, modern-minimalist house, indeed.

Japanese-style Home Interior Design

Japan Oriental Living Room Decor

Asian Oriental Living Room Decor

Japanese style has been one of the most popular oriental-style home interior design. The idea of this theme is to achieve a natural looking house. For the coloring, we can try pale natural colors, such as brown, grey, and green. As for the flooring, using tatami (bamboo mat) is more preferable to create the natural look, rather than hardwood or ceramic. Simplicity is maintained in Japanese-style interior design. The furniture, the size of the house, and the environment should be in balance. To add Japanese aura more, water feature or ikebana accessories are suggested. You can also add kanji-writing accessories on the wall or use shoji lamp to enhance the Japanese theme.

Chinese-style Home Interior Design

Red White Bedroom in Oriental Style

Another popular oriental-style home interior design is Chinese style. Compared to the Japanese style, Chinese style is more colorful. Strong colors like red, dark wood, and bright colors are often used to accentuate the look of the house. Accessories with mythical creatures theme are also good in creating the Chinese look. You can use sculptures, paintings, or ornaments for that. In adapting Chinese-style interior design, sometimes you also need to calculate the design and place of the house and the placement of furniture. Chinese people believe in good luck and it is also represented by the home design. Some forms of design might bring good luck, while others might bring misfortune. Although you don’t really believe it, it is still good to follow the calculation since it can help you decorating in Chinese way. Japanese Gazebo will be suitable combine with this decoration.


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