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Some of the furniture in your house such as cabinets, tables, backdrops, TV cabinet, and there certainly are others that use raw materials of patio furniture. However, do you know what it patio furniture? Use patio has long been used to make furniture in homes, even for office and other buildings too much to use patio.

Rattan Modern Pation Furniture

Using patio furniture materials are cheaper than solid wood, with solid wood stock of the day, which resulted in the fewer prices, soared. As the name suggests, is made from layers of patio-glued wood. There are several types of patio used for producing furniture, including:
This type of patio furniture generally has three layers of wood and has a thickness varying sizes ranging from 0.9 to 1.8 cm in length; 122 x 244 cm. Consists of a patio sheet covered with two layers of thinner wood on both sides. Block board fiber layer has a diverse, ranging from ordinary wood fiber or what is known as patio, teak fibers, white coating, slippery and often used as surface coatings for use whiteboard markers and other fibers various patterns / motifs. The middle layer block board having most commonly used acacia wood, block board materials cannot be curved because it is solid.

Patio Furniture Winston

Stands for Medium Density Fiberboard, MDF is a type of patio made from glued wood fused with resin and wax. MDF is stronger and has a density between the density of 600-800 kg/m3. Because the wood fibers are used more subtle, MDF can be curved, which could be used Finishing the finishing paste like HPL, Decosit, Takonsit, etc. Wood is used as an ingredient usually pine wood MDF.

Patio Furniture Sofa

The use of the particle in the market is very much current, commonly used for furniture-furniture ready bunch are sold in furniture stores. Particles made of sawdust bonded with glue and then in the press to form the sheet. Finishing the MDF can be used together with the finishing paste like HPL, Decosit, Takonsit, etc.. In quality, particles far under the block board, multiplex or MDF, because it has a high density of 160-450 kg/m3.

Allumunium Outdor Patio Furniture
Melaminto have a smooth and slippery surface is white, used for whiteboard use markers as a tool he wrote. The surface is smooth and smooth is also commonly used to coat block board or multiplex, which will be on finishing duco. With the use of Melaminto duco finishing process will be easier, because the surface is very smooth and slippery, so you no longer need the sanding and putty.


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