Modern Living Room Set Pictures And Guide Decoration


Modern living room set. Do you have a large living room space but confused how to decor it? perhaps you should take a seats and a cup of coffe while reading about modern living room set inspiration. Nowadays the era has become modern and more simple. Everything look more minimalist with stylish touch and elegant design.

modern design furniture

modern living room design sofas

It is also in living room. Decorating living room into modern living room set with furniture used that two characteristic. There are minimalist and elegant touch. The meaning of minimalist is something like don’t have a many shape and unused accesories. Lets we begin it with talk about the sofas.

modern living room furniture sets

In modern living room sofas it’s better you choose the minimalist sofas. Don’t forget matching the color of sofas with the wall and floor color. Then use some lamps in elegant style like in the pictures.

large modern living room amazing decoration

The another important things is use a carpet. The key of carpet choosing is buy carpet which have contrast color with sofas. It will make the colors of sofas and carpet look strong. Put some elegant table in the middle. Not to big but also not to small table. Thats all the important element in modern living room set. I hope you get some new ideas and inspiration. Happy Reading.

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