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Modern Kitchen Lighting. Kitchen is now perceived more than a space to prepare meals and drinks for the family. The space where we also storage the food, keep the utensils, and wash the dishes has transformed into a room that is considered to be well planned and designed as important as the other rooms in a house. In this modern living, where more and more women have the roles not only as housewives but also as professional career women, everything related to the kitchen works needs to be done fast and right. Thus, the planning of the sizes, material choices, placings, and colors must be ensured not only to be practical but also aesthetic, including the presence of the modern kitchen lighting that has added more value into the room as a stylish cooking wokspace.

elegant design of modern lighting kitchen

dining room with modern kitchen lighting

There are many options of modern kitchen lightings with different shapes, styles, and functions. Some lights go as one set of the kitchen cabinet, some are hanging from the ceiling, some are attached on the wall. The right combination of these all can result in a certain atmosphere that we want to create.

allumunium kitchen cabinet with modern lighting

Kitchen cabinet as one of the main pieces in the kitchen has an important role for the lighting sources to do the kitchen tasks. Under cabinet lightings can be applied above the sink and top of the cabinet table, inside the cabinet storages, and under the kitchen island table at the center. For these purposes, we can use LED light, halogen light, downlight, or sensor LED light especially for the storages inside the cabinet.

modern kitchen lighting vintage style

Ceiling offers more various lightings and wider coverage for the whole room. Many modern ceiling lights with many kinds of designs and different types of lighting effects they bring are available in the market now. A group of pendant lights or island light can be placed at the center of the room above the kitchen island or mini bar where some meals are sometimes served in casual occasions. This kind of lighting functions as the ambient lighting which provides the main lighting for the room.

large modern kitchen lighting

We can also enrich the lighting through more decorative accents attached on the wall. Modern wall pendants, wall lights, or even wall chandeliers can strengthen the taste we want to build eventough these pieces are less vital.
Modern kitchen lighting is one of the important parts of the kitchen that can determine not only its practicality, but also the personality of the room. Don’t forget to read about Tips Decor Simple Christmas Decoration. Thanks for reading.

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