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In many cases, people are starting to think about after modern house lighting design was completed and construction began. This is a very big mistake. Lighting is also one of the factors to consider in the design phase. In particular, the owner must have the basic knowledge of lighting, in order to be able to provide personal opinions on decoration lighting design during the design phase. Unfortunately, many staff of architects, designers and reconstruction are lacking in this aspect of training. Over the last decade, new technologies have emerged, and a variety of lighting products has been introduced inside the market. Thus, the lighting design was a key component of interior design.

Lightning Design Summer House

Lightning Design Single Source

Beautiful modern house lighting design must take into account all the needs of the occupants and their lifestyle in order to satisfy three essential factors: people, building and point of focus (eg illustrations, paintings). But most important of all, is to provide useful insights for the person using the space.


Lightning Design New Modern Interior

Lightning Design Modern Outdoor

Background lighting design must archive a soft, sweet and enchanting space. To obtain the ideal background light, modern lighting design uses reflection from the surface of the wall and ceiling light, to avoid the production of luminescent spot, thus achieving the effect of light satisfactory. Light background lighting can come from the wall lamp, suspended from the source or light pillars.

Focus lighting.

Lightning Design Mexico Modern Outdoor

Light source striking is carefully arranged to focus on certain objects as works of art, paintings and some design details of structures. The main objective is to get the artistic effect. The accent lighting do not use sources of bright light, like a candle lamp or wall hanging. Track lighting and light portable type can also be used.

Recessed Lights

Lightning Design Exterior House

Recessed lights are these small, rounds, boat-shaped to fit over the ceiling joists (in new construction) or a small hole (for renovations) that lie flush with the finished ceiling. You can buy recessed to accommodate halogen lamps, standard lamps or energy efficient, according to their specific task lighting needs. Since these lights pointing downwards directly on the work surfaces, light is not wasted pointing toward the ceiling or corner. Contemporary lines uninterrupted ceiling and feel hidden recessed lamp give the room a modern twist. Roofs can also appear higher with this type of accessories.
Pendant Lighting

Lightning Design Living Room Modern

New trends in modern house lighting design and architecture planning, hanging lights are functional art that can add to your room. Hanging lights are suspended from a wire or rod, either as a light or a style chandelier with two or more lamps. Each light has its own display of blown glass made with several distinctive swirls, stains and colors and finishes of interest created from hot baths in sand or ash during the process. The result is a mini work of art that provides direct task lighting for lighting small areas or larger with a spider, as on a dining table. However, hanging lights need not be reserved for dining. You can see in modern kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, in any area where focused lighting with drama or design style.



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