Minimalist Living Room For A Modern House


Minimalist Living Room Simple Decoration. Nowadays Living room is quite important in a house since it is a place where you can gather with your family member and also your guest. Having an attractive living room can make you feel more comfortable and happy with your own living room, so that if there are some guests come to your house, you can invite them to your living room with pride.

Linear Minimalist Living Room Design

However, people usually feel confused about how to decorate the living room because if you take the wrong way in decorating your living room, you can get a boring and ugly living room decoration. One of the most famous decorations of living room is the minimalist living room because it will give a broad space of your living room so that your living room will feel spacious.

The Decoration of the Living Room

White Comfortable Minimalist Living Room

The first thing that you have to consider in decorating your minimalist living room is that you have to make your living room broader than before because the first point in the minimalist living room is that it should be broad, so you have to get rid the unnecessary furniture or stuffs in your living room. This will make your living room feel and look broader and spacious. The other thing that you have to consider is that you have to put quite much of sunlight in your living room to fill the space in the room with its light, so that your room will look more spacious.

The Furniture

Minimalist Living Room Residence Design

You can add plasma TV to your living room but put it in the wall directly instead of use the TV table. You can also add bookshelf and sofa in your minimalist living room to make your room more attractive. Do not forget to replace the old wallpaper with the new one or you can paint it with bright color. Then you can add some photos or painting on the wall to beautify your living room.


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