Luxury And Elegant Diamond Furniture , Mattress


Made with quality source , the beautiful diamond furniture does not suffer the mode. Here’s how to choose the right furniture to decorate the house in diamond furniture.The living area
The decor emphasizes the important diamond furniture, from the size to the decorative details, with strong references to traditional one. Not neglecting, however, the practical: the sofas are often removable and tables can be extended.

living room diamond concept furniture

The composition of diamond furniture for the stay is made up of libraries, cabinets, table and chairs. Made of solid walnut and finished with shellac, the compositions “Fox Hunting” Masson Matiée are around € 9,000.
The chandelier blown glass of brown furniture pendant is made entirely of ivory, has 8 lights and a diameter of 85 cm. Cost a 2699 euro.

French Style Lounge Room Furniture Diamond Buttoned

Completely removable cover, the three-seated diamond furniture sofa has bracciaoli shaped available with 820 covers in different fabrics. Measure 218x90p100h cm. Costs 1390.00 Euro.
Inspiration ancient
If the pieces are inspired by different periods, it is good to keep at least the combination of the materials or finishes. In addition to leather sofas or covered with fabric, also operated, they’re fine wooden furniture, warm colors, such as walnut and cherry, or white finish.

diamond dining table furniture

The composition for the stay is made up of library, ceiling and wall panels in glossy lacquered wood moldings decorated with gold leaf. The room that measures 500 × 450 cm, excluding VAT, costs 19,000.00 Euro. Martini Oliver’s house furniture.
The structure is in solid wood sofa upholstered in 100% cotton. Size 303-203x105px95h cm, and, excluding VAT, costs € 4533.00.
The three-seat sofa is completely removable and has a wooden frame and abets plywood. Size 260x112px98h cm and costs 3.000,00 Euros.
The windows diamond furniture, which originally served to expose valuables or memories, are being used as functional solutions to contain the books in diamond furniture. Imagintative Square Dining Table also included in special furniture for home furniture collection.

crystal diamond kitchen ornament

The bookcase diamond furniture with cherry finish has front and back veneered honeycomb. The open spaces surround the central part full of small drawers. Size 294x51px233h cm and costs, excluding VAT, € 3,521.00. Drops of FBL.
The bedroom of diamond furniture design.
The beds have traditional wooden headboard and footboard, often enriched with inlays in wood in contrast, which can also be found in the chest of drawers and bedside tables. The linen should be chosen to match coordinating fabrics, even precious, like satin or silk. The same applies for tents and carpets.

Diamond Sideboard Limited Edition Furniture Gold

The bedroom diamond furniture made using traditional methods in solid walnut tulipwood with dovetail joints and polishing shellac is inspired by the furniture of 600.The bed 170x210px124h cm and costs 1776.00 Euros. Margot Stilema .
With compartments and drawers
In some models, the top compartment of the drawer has a front flap that conceals compartments and drawers can also be used as a desk top.
The dresser with flap is equipped inside with small compartments and drawers. Cherry wood inlaid with maple and rosewood, size 139x56px166h cm and costs € 3381.00. The Water Lilies The Fablier.
The cabinet has sliding doors beige glossy screen printed and frosted glass. Size 280x65px254h cm, excluding VAT, costs 1074 euro. Period of Furniture Fogliense.
The wardrobe
The cabinets can take many forms or be contained with several doors, sometimes with external mirrors or glass inserted to visually lighten the larger compositions in diamond furniture.

aymantion diamond sofa furniture

Has the structure of honeycomb and ivory gloss finish decorated with the cabinet with four doors with measures 304x65px263h cm. Without taxes, costs € 3669.00. Hermes et al. Odyssey furniture Mire
Vintage the bathroom
The jar with ceramic box is usually installed next to a sink pedestal, often with raised sides and rear, a factor that may also characterize the bidet. The tank is to be combined in cast iron, with feet, while the fittings are gold plated trims.


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