How To Decor Nordic Interior Style In Home


Nordic design is refers to the Scandinavian style of home interior design.. How it could receive the distinct characteristic, learning to the Scandinavian inhabitant history is a good idea to know more about the style. A Nordic design denote simplicity either of natural impression to all pieces available inside the house. Those factors are close related to the environmental situation that influenced the style.

Living Room In Nordic Style

Adapt with the lacks of sunlight and heat because of short summer and long day’s winter, people compelled having the warmer situation on their house. Then the lighting is the most important part of interior design. Another key to have the Nordic interior style is the use of natural materials like wood and flower ornamental.

Furniture Used In Nordic Design

The Nordic or Scandinavian style was spread to overseas and adopted by numerous architecture-based designs, designers begin to modify and enhance the Nordic style to be more applicable along side with the most modern pattern and state it as the one of the outstanding interior style. Characteristic of Nordic interior style is simplicity and natural. The natural scenery usually applied to the ceiling and walls with the light wood furniture, plain paper and other wooden furniture.

Bedroom With Nordic Interior

The most prominent distinction to the Nordic interior design compared to other is that they designed with cold color and warm colors. It can be blue, white, yellow, gray and olive green. The bright color also used, but just for specific accents for interior design. Scandinavian design gives priority to the lighting.

Nordic Interior Design In Villa

Then it is suggested not use the heavy curtain or it can prevent the sun light shining the room. Inside the room there should be less furniture, remembering to the basic concept of Scandinavian style is minimalist. You can bring more furniture inside the room but the natural ingredient of furniture must be considered.


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