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Healthy Bathroom Appear Fresh and Compact your wide bathroom is limited, but it needs many facilities? Calm down, the key is making the right layout so that all needs are met and you feel comfortable in it. These are the way to make your bathroom healthy and compact.

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At this time, bathroom design trends are growing along with the modern lifestyle that exists. The healthy bathroom is no longer a small space with the main activity of self-cleaning. Although spacious bathroom is sometimes limited, but cannot decide can apply your passion for exciting ideas for the bathroom you can look attractive and beautiful. It will make your healthy bathroom appear fresh and compact.

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“Play every inch of surface space to get into an arrangement that fits the decor of healthy bathroom,” says architect Rizky Artando. What if you have limited healthy bathroom area, but want to bring a broad functionality and comfort? The key layout is compact arrangement so that all can see the harmony and harmony. Despite its limited land, you can still incorporate complementary elements, such as bathtubs, shower area, and toilet. It need more explanation in step consider in the bedroom.

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Each area is only separated by the distance to flow enough air circulation. However, all remain compliant space until you are able to obtain comfort. This is confirmed by the architect Denny Setiawan. According to him, every inch of space should be utilized to the maximum so that the space does not look useless.
Start layout, the placement of each of the facilities, to the wall using overdraft-overdraft, everything must look harmonious. “Every inch of space should be utilized to the maximum so that an invisible space that is not useful,” said Denny. Bathrooms can be described as the heart of the home to support the biological activity of human beings. For that, the bathroom should be made comfortable and healthy to be able to support all these activities.

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Yet, the bathroom is often missing from the arrangement. In fact, the bathroom can be made into a room that has its own oasis. “The bathroom is not just a room to clean the body, but can also be a place to unwind and relax after a long day of work. Two criteria must be met in a convenient arrangement of the bathroom, the health and beauty of its interior, “said Rizky.
Not only to create a healthy bathroom, should you also pay attention to aspects of sanitation. Make sure the soap rinse water used to flow into the channel that has been planned and there was a puddle on the floor. In addition, you must also consider disposal of waste water closet. Make sure the water flows into the septic tank without leaking and doing the vacuuming at least once in 3-4 years so as not to result in the proliferation of e-Coly bacteria in the soil.

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The bathroom healthy always has a moist circulation. Therefore, you should create a design good air ventilation to keep sunlight on and air circulates into the bathroom because the air is damp makes mildew and mold thrive in the bathroom, “said Rizky. A trend in bathroom design is now just like a bedroom that has a size and large window openings.
With the freedom of space and a view overlooking the outside, make the healthy bathroom comfortable and like a luxury resort. “Let’s separate the drizzly area and waterless area. Use shower curtain boxatau barrier to prevent water splashes from wet area shower room, as for the other sanitation, such as toilets, bath up, and vanity, should be placed in a dry area.

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If your healthy bathroom has a window and a great view, place the bath up outside windows so you can soak while enjoying the scenery outside. “To make the look of the bathroom into the light, can use white or natural color accents to make it more memorable airy and relaxed. That is all the way to make healthy bathroom appear fresh and compact.


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