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Creative Small Garden Ideas-Do you confuse how to make Beautiful small garden easy on the eyes? Yes, small gardening is easy bother, other than because of the limited land. It is also because of the limited types of plants that can be grown in a small area. Well, this time we would like to share tips on structuring a Simple and Small garden.

Prepare Crop Not Much Eating Place

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Land has a small, causing us to have to limit what types of plants that can be grown in our modern small garden. There is no way we force ourselves to grow large woody plants if there is no place to hold them. If possible, you may insert one or two large trees as shade. However, as the main crop, choose small plants in pots, or other plants that can be planted in the ground but not tall, like the elephant ear plant, Aglaonema, and shrubs plant. Tropical Garden Ideas is also great this to try in your small garden decoration.

Insert the Points Table and Chairs

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Small Garden Furniture Table Ideas

Inserting tables and tiny chairs not only intended to make your garden look more attractive but also make your small garden so it looks more decorative and contained. As we have discussed before, in the small garden we cannot plant crops that have great posture, so it will be a lot of unused space in your garden. Well, to fill the empty space in your small garden, it would be nice if we added chairs and tables as decorative elements.

Create a Natural Barrier to Create Privacy

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It is hard to be able to create privacy in a small yard or garden. However, that does not mean you cannot do it. Create screening or natural barrier using bamboo row or rows of little plants are arranged in a neat and attractive to resemble a guardrail. In addition to beautiful and cool, you can also enjoy the privacy with your family or your guests when gathered in the park. Nevertheless, you can also buy artificial barriers made ​​of natural ingredients for the natural impression, such as the barrier of bamboo materials are sold in the market.

The Tiny Garden Decoration Complete Paving the Beautiful

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Paving or Paths made of a series of natural stones, pumice stone or gravel aggregate beautiful, ceramic, or bricks, can be used as a decorative element that replaces the minimal elements of plants in a attractive small garden. You could also complement the beauty of the trail with thick grass plant can grow up neatly, such as Japanese grass, giving the impression of a beautiful soft green carpet in your lovely small garden.

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