Fun Thing To Do Choosing Children Bedroom Furniture


Choosing children bedroom furniture is a very fun thing to do as there are many cute, unique, and imaginative designs that will bring us back to our childhood memory.
Many thematic designs derived from some tales, cartoon movies, and natural life such as animals or space life are offered with various material options. There are some small differences in designing a bedroom for girls and boys.

black children bedroom furniture ideas

blue colors in children bedroom furniture

A girl’s bedroom is usually dominated by bright colors, such as white, pink, yellow, orange, and purple. One color can be the main color, and the other 2 or 3 colors as the combinations to get a chic look. Some themes that are very much adored by girls are Barbie, Hello Kitty, fairies, and princess. If we choose the wall pink, we can have the children bed in white with some removable character accessories attached on the headboard. This is to save cost when the girl has grown up and no longer wants to have the childish stuffs.

bedroom furniture cars for kids

We can just remove the accessories and do not have to replace it with the new one. A soft pink bed canopy with some artificial flower accents hanging from the ceiling will make the girl feel like a real princess. The wardrobe, study desk, and bookshelves can be made not too large, in a matching design with the bed. We can put a bed end after the bed that can also function as a toy box.

princess furniture decoration for children

A boy’s bedroom is not as accessories rich as a girl’s bedroom. One large accent exploring the theme is enough. We can offer the boy one of these popular themes; pilot, pirate, space life, cowboy, or jungle. Pirate theme is one of the favorites among boys. A single bed in a ship shape with a real rudder at the end of the bed always brings excitement to the boy. Dark brown color can dominate the furniture in the boy’s bedroom. Below the ship can be put a treasure box to store the boy’s toys.

green natural children bedroom decoration

A set of study desk which is combined with bookshelves above the desk can save more space and give the boy a larger playing area in the bedroom. A small wardrobe or a drawer can be placed next to the study desk. A lot of children bedroom furniture offers rich imagination to the kids. We only need to match with our kids’ favorites.

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