Design A Mini Bar In Home


The meaning of Mini Bar in Home is the small place of assortment which usually available in hotel room. It’s a good place for serving many beverages. You want to design a mini bar in home, so you should integrated of your home space and your mini bar. It can be large like built in bar or small like rolling cart, depend on what you like to build.

Mini Bar In Home Small Place

Mini Bar In Home Small Furniture

Find the storage need and the function. Firstly to think is how many glass, bottles, bar tendings tool or mugs you wanna stored in your mini bar, and how many people you might be serving.
Decide if you want any plumbing or electrical appliance like disco lamp or etc. choose another appliance like wine cooler, microwave, dishwasher or ice maker, it will help you a lot. Don’t forget to measure each of them so you can allocated the space very well.

Mini Bar In Home Interior Design

How your mini bar look. The easiest way you can get inspiration from the picture in the internet, or magazine. Choose which one will well with your home decoration. Decide do you want to build small standing mini bar or large built in mini bar. Buy a furniture like file cabinet, old armoire to create your mini bar.

Mini Bar In Home Built In

Select a place for your home mini bar which fit with the measurement of storage needs, space , your inventory and overall look what you want. Buy the furniture but don’t exceed the space meant to hold it.
Place a nice accessories like wine bottle racks, stem glass holders, cabinet lock , etc. place a countertop , when buy a countertop you should remember there will be a liquid on the countertop at some point on it. So choose the one is non porous. If you place the counter and covering a small place, consider a stone from a countertop fabric.


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