Contemporary Style And Natural Bathroom Decoration


Natural Bathroom convenience  is not only seen from the function, but also aesthetic. Many themes you can apply start a memorable natural, traditional bathroom to modern. One more thing, you can also apply a contemporary style and natural bathroom.

natural bathroom minimlist design

Large Natural Bathroom Design

The designs are simple, open, and try to reduce the impression of rigid and heavy trying to offer contemporary and natural style to your bathroom. The contemporary style is generally always avoiding intricate detail, throwing the room is not functional, and chooses furniture that can maintain the neatness of the room. That is make contemporary style and natural  bathroom
“The main characteristic of contemporary style is neatness in the order. Usually use more accessories can add a sweet little bathroom, such as small containers for toiletries,” says interior designer Susan Octari Yawhan.

natural bathroom elegan fresh green

Few color combinations using just two or three colors to bring the impression of a neutral, monochromatic, and even elegant. In addition to color, attention should also be focused on the texture arising from the use of materials for floors, walls, ceilings, and sanitation along with other accessories.

natural bathroom design

“For the selection of material, you should select a smooth surface such as glass and stainless steel. As another companion, pastel colors can be added to the impression it was not very visible in the complex,” said Susan. In addition, you may also add one of the elements of decoration as an attraction along with other elements in the composition so that it becomes interesting.

Contemporary Bathroom shingle style design

Usually a bath and shower box is used as one of the attractions to give the decorations on the walls, lighting spotlight, or other trinkets in natural bathroom. In contemporary themed natural bathroom, both artificial and natural lighting is one of the important things. If possible, the shower should get enough sunlight to light and air vents inside. “The use of glass block and skylights can be selected to increase the natural light in the room. It can also be a solution to reduce the humidity,” said Susan.
Choice of colors and matching accessories will create the impression of a more contemporary natural bathroom . Contemporary impression can also be combined with other themes, such as natural theme or style to another so that a mixture of styles, as long as it does not spoil the look desired, not just a contemporary style that can be applied. For those of you who want to bring natural feel in the bathroom, you can choose a unique accessory or perhaps put some greenery.

Contemporary Bathroom modern design

For accessories in the bathroom with natural, you can use a towel hanger made of wood. In addition, you may also put other trinkets such as natural stone and some materials that are natural. That way, the rigid atmosphere of the bathroom will be more flexible. “Usually, the natural bathroom touches of nature worked by exploiting natural tropical situation. Structuring natural bathroom with natural atmosphere must be supported in the form of rocks, for example, with a touch of Balinese style bathroom is processing characteristics as open space,” said Susan.

Contemporary Bathroom luxurious

In addition, the wood material that is strong enough can also be applied if you want to use it on the floor. One suitable material is teak. Maybe some people have not many know which teak has water resistant properties. Therefore, you do not have to worry if the wood used will be porous due scalded.
“Actually, we need not fear to mold when using stone and wood materials in the bathroom. Importantly, bathroom keep the condition is not damp and direct sunlight,” says Susan. To give a natural bathroom touch, use and select ingredients derived from nature.

Contemporary Bathroom brown floor

Other supporting accessories can be selected to display the colors of nature or natural motifs, such as the brown wood, leaf green, white, or other natural motifs. It takes courage to be able to show something new. However, it never hurts to start experimenting.


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