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Latest Garage Shelving Ideas. Do you usually think that you are filled with much stuff in your home that you can not even keep other stuffs in your home anymore? Are you looking for an idea on how to keep these additional stuffs you have without making your home look crowded? Shelving garage storage is an easy way to solve this entire seemingly hard problem. It is indeed useful, practical, and beneficial for you to have if you want to keep stuffs in your home. We are going to tell you how to create this shelving garage storage. Let’s check this one out.

garage shelves plans wooden materials

garage shelving plans wall hangers

Since internet is now well-used in almost everywhere and every how, why not make use of it. The first thing you can do is learning by watching. You can simply you tube the step-to-step on how building shelving garage storage so that you begin to have an imagination how it looks like, or what it is made of. It makes you easier to make one.

building garage shelves for shop

The next thing you can begin to do is prepare all the stuff, tools, equipments and materials needed. Those can be the lumber, power drill, screwdriver, saw, the measuring tape and others relevant building materials.

build garage shelves storage racks

After having all these materials, you should start to measure the dimension of storage depending on what kind of stuff you want to keep in your storage. If you want to maximize the use of this shelving garage storage, you can have your vehicle as your storage. By knowing what the stuffs that are going in your storage, you can measure your overhead garage storage depending on the size of the stuff.

how to build garage shelves red appliances

Then calculate the height of your garage ceiling and your vehicle. Make minimum 10 inches gap between the storage space and the vehicle. After finishing all of that, start making the frame, both lower and identical frame and last the braces of the shelf. To finish off this step, paint your shelf of garage storage with your favorite color. DIY overhead garage storage is now ready to use. Don’t forget to read about Modern Garage Design and Sliding Garage Door Instalation. Happy Reading.

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