Bonsai Plant Care: How To Care Your Tiny Precious Bonsai


Having a new hobby with bonsai and need some tips for bonsai plant care? There you go. Japan’s old tradition and unique way of planting give certain enthusiasm to plant lovers. Bonsai is more than planting a tree in a pot. Bonsai is a combination of art, with scaled tree and pot form harmonious synchronization of shape, color and texture. As the interest of bonsai increases each year, there are plenty of different bonsai plants today. Due to its priceless value, bonsai is worth the care to make it lasts. Here are some tips to care and maintain your bonsai.

Water and humidity, two essential things for bonsai plant care, should be monitored to ensure the quality of your bonsai. Water your bonsai once a week to prevent too much water in the surface. Note that using hose when watering may cause soil out of the pots. You need to adjust the pressure to maintain the condition of your bonsai. When we talk about bonsai care, we should take soil into account. Soil is where the roots stay, so you need to ensure that the soil is able to support the bonsai and it is able to retain water properly.


Bonsai is art, where you can see the harmonious combination of shape, texture and size. Bonsai does not naturally grow as what you see. It needs to be trimmed and shaped. You need to remove any branches and give a little bit style to your bonsai. No need to shape it too often, only if you see some obstructive branches on it. Another important thing of bonsai care is the light. Ensure that your bonsai gets sufficient amount of light. Are these bonsai plant care instructions useful for you? Follow the instruction and make it lasts with bonsai plant care.



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