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The scandinavian furniture are as important as the furniture themselves. It can make the living room, the bedroom, the dining room and even kitchen spacious or cramped places. Most people use art or trinkets to give elegance to a room. But if the furniture in this room is bad, it will never look good. This is where we must begin. How to get there?

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The harmony of scandinavian furniture is based on the visual impact of the elements. Powerful visual elements are: eccentric shapes, bright colors, dark colors and textures. Small items that have these qualities can balance the neutrality of large furniture. For example, a bright red chair takes on particular significance in setting furniture beige. The prints have more visual impact than solid colors.

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If you have a good sized home at one end of the room, restore balance by imposing a cabinet on the wall facing it. When you have finished placing your furniture, keep in each corner of the room and check the harmony of the whole.

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Watch out for traffic
Note the access roads to the room and the comings and goings that you carry. Nothing should obstruct your scandinavian furniture. Consider the kitchen table or dining room. The table and chairs were accessible from all sides? The same principle applies to seats in your living room. Arrange furniture so that you can walk around the room without them from impeding traffic. Each piece should prompt you to enter not stop at the doorstep.

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A common mistake in scandinavian furniture is that of lean furniture against the wall. People are forced to raise their voices to be heard, while the center of the room is still sadly empty. Fix this structural imbalance by bringing furniture center.
Do not put anything that would block access to windows and doors. Even if a door is never used, let free. Otherwise, the room looks cramped and cluttered. If you need a piece of furniture in front of a window, it must fit under the window sill. If it is above this support, place the furniture rather than through the front window. Leaving an access to the window, you make the room appear more spacious.
Beware of invisible walls
Think of invisible walls created by the architecture of the scandinavian furniture. For example, a living room and dining. If there is a linkage between the two, it suggests the presence of a wall that you need to consider. If there is a partial wall to the ceiling, place your furniture on both sides of the partition and not below.

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You can also create an illusion of wall with a couch, a chair, a large open shelf on both sides or one or two large plants placed perpendicular to the wall of a room. It takes really little eye to perceive that the existence of two distinct parts.
Attention to the movement
Eliminate static lines. Create different levels for the eye moves around the room with happiness. Avoid abrupt transitions, e.g. do not put a small cabinet beside another which is bulky. Avoid a succession of peaks and valleys for the eye that wanders into the scandinavian furniture. Soften the profile of large furniture in a plant or lying on top of a lamp or by placing beside a large furniture piece happens to him halfway.

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When you compare it with American Furniture it has more modern in shape. Establish a balance between furniture low, medium and large sizes. If you keep these rules in the arrangement of furniture in a room, it will generate an atmosphere of calm, elegance and balance. Good luck!


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