Bedroom Paint Like Paris Ideas


Bedroom paint like Paris. Have you feel bored about your ordinary bedroom paint? in this simple article we will explain about the steps how to make your ordinary bedroom become cozy and unique paint bedroom like Paris.

Traditional Paris Bedroom Ideas

The first of all is change your walls paint. You could use a simple wall stickers like Eiffel towers and put them in your wall. If you have more budgets its better to hire professional painter so they can paint your wall like Paris city or Eiffel tower in the night.

Royale Paris Bedroom Design

The second is get the furnitures which express a Paris city. Wrought iron bed is a great choice. Metal side table like you can see in Paris cafe, a dresser with mirror attached will be a nice stuff in your Paris bedroom decoration.
The lighting is an important things. Put glass chandelier lighting to make your bedroom like a Paris city in the night. Don’t forget to get a desk lamp too.

Wooden Bedroom Like Paris Ideas

Buy a iron curtain rod. This is a finishing touch to your paris bedroom design. Collect Paris accesorize then put in your bedroom likes miniatur of Eiffel Towers, Paris pillow and etc. Give it effect so much as you can to express it in Paris situation. Try to get information about bedroom suites and bedroom sets so your knowledge about bedroom decoration increas.

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