Antique Design Retro For Living Room


The idea of retro living room has been very well-introduced to the whole interior design. It is very appropriate to design your own living room. The choice of combining antique design and retro concept is likable as well for some people. If you are really into the modern or even the classic design, then having antique combined with retro design is not really a good choice for you. The retro design encapsulates more on the style from year 1950 – 1970.

Small Living Room in Retro Design

In order to create a well-designed retro living room, having the items or pieces with retro style can be an advantage for you to have. It fuels the beauty of living retro design and makes it more authentic. The items or pieces are widely available in many stores such as thrift shop, auction or even the garage sales. Picking the right items with affordable price can be advantageous.

Retro Sofa In Living Room

As for the background or the wall painting, you should paint your wall with the color that is neutral. The example can be the eggshell color. In addition to that, having retro color will not harm you as well. The examples of retro colors are bright pink and light yellow. With this choice of color, we are sure that it will present you the retro feel you want to have.

Retro Living Room Design With Red Curtains

The additional wall decorations can add the whole retro touch to your living room. The example of the wall decoration such as the painting of geometric pattern with the large size covered with bright color such as pink and orange. The frame with retro magazine ads can be your wall decoration as well. It can be hung right in the middle of your center of living room, Making your living room to become antique design retro is possible, as long as you take time to really make the layout and the color choice perfect. The retro decorating can make your living room as flashy as you wish with the subtle design that it offers. For comparation you can read about Minimalist Modern Living Room Decoration. Thanks for reading.


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