Amazing Ideas In Windows Gardening Box


Windows box gardening ideas. There many aspects to consider before adorning your windows and turn it into greener view on eyes. Someone believes not to leave gardening in any conditions even in crowd living places, there is still possible way to plant flowers in your environment.

Apartment Flower Box Gardening

Below the windows box gardening  is the perfect place to plant some vegetables or flowers. You can get much benefits from this, it will give the green panoramic on your house. Expanding the ways planting a windows box, first thing you can select is the type of the box, then the size, style and the plants itself.

Amazing Windows Box Gardening

Be careful to select the type of box or container, because it is closely related to the place condition you will place it. The windows which placed under sun all days it better you choose the container made except from metal or dark color. It will prevent your plant’s root will toasted. For the rest you can decide the container made from wood, plastic, ceramic, stone or others.
The next step you’ll need to know your window’s size to have the perfect result of your mini garden box. As suggestion at least you need 8 inch box’s wide and dept. The reason is to give space to the plants and make sure they can grow perfectly. If you have odd windows design, you should be creative make your own box plant design.

Green Windows Box Ideas

The style of your box plant should not abandoned since you want to create the most harmonious panoramic. Try to find information about it, and then make a list containing the container’s model you will use. The Internet can be useful weapon to find information in a few minutes. Or, Home and Gardening magazine should provide many inspirations about it. On this step the type of plants will help you to decide the box models.

Windows Box Gardening Plant

Choose the plants that you want to put in your beautiful plant box. Try to combine between one, two or three kind of plants to have some colorful display. The plants colors is also important to be determined.


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