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Saturday, December 29th 2012. | Decoration

Design Mini House Decoration for the Elderly A Virginia-based company called N2Care of the United States offers an alternative provision of safe houses for elderly residents. The mini house decoration was named MedCottage was designed by the company with the help of the Blacksburg Virginia Tech.

Min house decoration small dining room

MedCottage is a “mini house decoration” which was a portable hospital room. According to local law in Virginia, the home is included in the “temporary family health care structures.” However, some people call it a granny pod or “grandma’s house.”
The company is building a house named N2Care is shaped cottages to high-tech in the backyard of a house. Cottage is only measuring 26 square meters, yet amazingly sophisticated. Jungle Bedroom is very unique to designed in your mini house.

Mini house decoration bedroom

Currently, the granny pod is sold for approximately USD 816 million. However, after being fitted installation and all other purposes, you must pay Rp 1.2 billion. A family in the United States has tried the house. Socorrito Baez-Page (56) and David Page (59) bought the house for mother named Viola Socorrito yag Baez.


Mini house decoration unique

“At first he (Viola) are reluctant to move, because he did not know how the shape of the house,” said Rev. Kenneth J. Dupin, founder and CEO N2Care to “When it got in, it adapts very well. These are good examples. Her family can participate in the life and maintaining privacy,” he said.

The mini house decoration has the technology in almost every hospital room. The technology inside includes grip belt, floor with lights, cameras, and a defibrillator machine. The house is also equipped with water and electricity.

Mini house decoration shaped box

Not only that, The house also has a robotic specification capable of monitoring vital signs, level of contamination of the air, and also able to “communicate with the outside world”.
“One of our fears is that when we get older, more and more isolated from our family,” he said. However, a “mini hospital,” the older people do not need to worry. They can live side by side and still get what they need medical purposes.


Mini house decoration kitchen

It will be alternative way in decorating something that could be very useful, not only for ourselves but also to other people who need some medication in their house or their surroundings. Everything should be making as detailed as possible to make the function of this mini house decoration proper to use and efficiently in the latter day. Thank you for reading, and happy inventing creative decoration in your world.

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